Dear Dr. Epinosa,
I am writing on behalf of my father. He was diagnosed with PC in November of 2009, he had RP in December 2009, post op path report was Gleason 7, T3A. His 5 week PSA came back at .55. The doctor wants to start him on hormone therapy and two months IMRT. How likely is it that his cancer is confined to the prostate bed? what are his chances for a cure? Was it too early to check psa? Sorry for the many questios, I just got so excited that there is someone who can finally answer all my questions.


Hi Lynne,,, the typical treatment after a rapid rise in PSA after RP is hormone therapy and IMRT. Normally in our practice most urologist ( I am not a urologist, I am an ND practicing urology) would take another PSA a week or two after the initial one post RP. The chances of cancer being confined to the prostate is unlikely since his first post surgery PSA is so high – his urologist should have thoroughly answered all these questions. I suggest he seeks some who practices integrative or holistic medicine to help him with his condition – it will help with side effects and very possibly slow the progression of the cancer. Best wishes to you and your dad.