What nutrients would you suggest to slow down prostate cancer with a PSA doubling time of about two years?


This could be a lengthy answer, but here is the summary.
Get adequate vitamin D3 – you need to get this measured by your physician. The right test is 25-hydroxy vitamin D. You may need to supplement at about 5000IU to start with – again you want to be monitored by your doctor. Next is a plant/ Mediterranean based diet. No sugar, “white foods” or fruit juices – exception is cauliflower and pomegranate juice – 4 ounces two times a day. No meats or dairy,,, fish is OK. You may want to mix 5 grams of pectasol in the pomegranate juice. Pectasol (modified citrus pectin) has been studied and shown to inhibit cancer spread in mice and in humans prolong PSA velocity. Good luck. This would be a great start for you.