Please tell me of anything that is available for prostate cancer that has metastastic to bones. and how long do these type of persons live? approx. My dad is 62 originally diagnosed july 2008 had a turp, and hormone therapy, year later it showed up in his bones.. Now what should we do?


Obviously, this is an aggressive disease. I am reluctact to give you a time-line of how long this group (or any group with an aggressive disease) of people live to do the power of the mind and how this can manifest if you think about it “hard” enough. That said, there are many in this same situation that live beyond the time that is expected with quality- there is where the focus should be. I highly suggest a good qualified holistic practitioner( ND or MD) that is versed in optimal nutrition for aggressive cancers. Apologies for not being more specific but your dad’s situation needs extensive, targeted guidance. Best to you and your dad.