My husband has stage 2 prostate cancer; preparing to begin external radiation in December.  He is very leary of holistic medicine…I, on the other hand believe holistic medicine has at the very least an important support function.  Can you give me an idea what types of things might be helpful, so I can ask his docs about them?


It is understanble that your husband would be leary about holistic medicine – there is currently much deceiving information out there. However, there is plenty of research emerging on useful and effective methods in controlling the progression of prostate cancer. One is a good diet as written and studied by Dr. Dean Ornish in the book : The Spectrum. As far as supplements, there are a few. A good three to start with would be: vitamin D ( about 2000IU a day – may need more – medical supervision is essential while increasing the dosage), Pectasol ( also known as Modified Citrus Pectin), 6 capsules three times a day is what has been studied and a good source of fish oils. Nordic natural is a good brand – about 4 pills a day.