I have a family history of prostate cancer.  I have recently modified my diet as follows:  no red meat, only a very little dairy, relatively high fiber diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, 1000 i.u. of Vitamin D3 every day, 8 oz of pomegranate juice per day, broccoli sprouts a few times a week, a glass of red wine every night, cooked tomato sauce at least 2x per week, fish for dinner at least 2x a week, and usually 3x.   What more can/should I do by way of diet to reduce my risk of prostate cancer?  Also, :  I have been cooking using olive oil, but I saw in another response that you do not recommend that.  I thought extra virgin olive oil was the best for health?


You are already doing an excellent job. To optimize your prostate cancer prevention program I would: exercise about 4 times a week, drink green tea and supplement with curcumin (about 200mg two times a day), Green tea extract (EGCG) and reseratrol. Lastly, make sure your meals are cooked with plenty of herbs and spices – most have anti-cancer properties: garlic, ginger, tumeric, rosemary. Etc. Regarding your olive oil question: Olive is great to use when it is uncooked, or cooking in light heat for a short time. It is not good to fry in  olive oil or heat for a long time – its chemical structure changes where it becomes unhealthy ( avoiding from becoming overly technical with scientific jargon). Coconut oil, on the other hand is great to cook with. Olive oil should be organic, in a dark  glass bottle and tightly closed when not used.