My doctor says that considering my high PSA and the feel of the lump from the DRE my cancer probability is about 90%, but he wants to do a 12 needle biopsy to make sure.
I know this is the normal procedure but I have also heard stories that a biopsy has a slight chance of spreading the cancer, and considering that I will have blood in my urine, semen and bowell afterwards this seems plausible.
Is there any chance at all of this happening?


Needle tracking ( tumor spreading), as it is called in our world is indeed plausible, although most urologist would disagree with me because it is not “proven.” This is something that can be challenging to prove scientifically. At the same time, however, prostate biopsy is the gold standard way of diagnosis at this point – although, it is not perfect since false negatives are possible. The other side effects you mentioned would disappear within a week or two. So, what should you do. Considering you have a suspicious nodule do the biopsy – if not you would be frustrated and anxious wondering if you have cancer and if it is progressing. I have people take 5 grams of Modified citrus pectin (pectasol) three times a day two weeks before and two after the biopsy. Rat studies have shown that this agent decreases the risk of cancer spreading. I would see a good naturopathic doctor to guide you will a strong anti cancer program. Best of luck to you.