I am just completing open beam radiation therapy and am optimistic I will, be cancer-free. I had a 5.7 PSA, 3+3, T1, 25% of one out of 12 samples biopsied malignant. However, I have also been rendered incontinent, impotent and in great pain, even before I started the radiation therapy. I was going to do brachytherapy, so I had a Lupron shot and then felt hustled into having a TUMT done. After the catheter was removed, the troubles began. And have only gotten worse. My urologist wants me to learn to self-catheterize, which I find barbaric. He claims I have a urinary tract infection from not emptying the bladder fully, which apparently I haven’t done for years. I’ve gone through 3 courses of antibiotics (cipro, levaquin and nitrofurantin) and I am still “peeing razorblades.” Would you suggest waiting until the radiation swelling goes down (late Dec.) or is there anything I can do now to try to get back on track? I dread going through another TUMT-like procedure such as the greenlight laser, but I’d like to get a portion of my health back. I’m 64, married, BTW.


Unfortunately, this is a case where you need conventional, mainstream medicine, at least for now. Not knowing anything else about your health other than what you have written above, it is unlikely that natural medicine can help you at this point.