Connecting Globally….Treating Locally

“Improving communication between patient and doctor by giving you the same language and understanding of your disease”

Founded in 1997, Malecare is America’s leading men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy national nonprofit organization.

Malecare is setting the standard for best practice in patient peer to peer support.  We are pushing the limits of technology in personalized cancer information delivery and by designing great projects for communities ignored by commercial and mainstream organizations. Our goal is to deliver a better quality of service, and a better quality of life, to millions of men diagnosed with cancer through services created by patients, for patients.

We are a dynamic, nimble and cutting edge company, striving to be first in understanding and implementing new technology in service to our cancer survivor population. Malecare is a horizontally organized nonprofit, managed by oncologists, psychologists and social workers.
We are known for our men’s health programs for underserved populations, like African-American, LGBT and Native American cancer survivors.
All of our services are provided without cost to the patient and their family.

Malecare, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 1998, we became the world’s first cancer survivor organization to focus on gay and bisexual men’s survivorship.  Malecare facilitates the worlds largest gay men’s prostate cancer support network. In 2005, Malecare developed the world’s first cancer survivor program focused on serving all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, the  National LGBT Cancer Project, which can be seen at

In 2002, Malecare began to disrupt the disparity of prostate cancer killing African-American men at twice the rate as Caucasian men, with our African-American Prostate Cancer Research Directory. That program has become known as Twice As Many and can be seen at . Malecare’s Black Dad Connection program, focusing on improving health and parenting skills for African American fathers, began in 2005.

In 2007, Malecare began the world’s first psycho-social support program to focus exclusively on men presently with advanced stage prostate cancer. Malecare facilitates the world’s largest advanced stage prostate cancer support group network.

In 2011, Malecare began the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance, an international collaboration of national prostate cancer organizations throughout the world, as a cross border health care policy and awareness cross border collaboration. The Global Prostate Cancer Alliance international prostate cancer alliance can be seen at .

In 2013, Malecare began the world’s first cancer research crowdfunding platform, Start A Cure. Current research funded directly by Malecare can be seen at .

In 2013, Malecare developed a new model for patient advocacy, which we call, Patient Action Leaders. Examples of recent success for that model can be seen at

In 2014, Malecare became the first American prostate cancer nonprofit organization to earn a patent for a medical device.  That patent can be seen here: Device and method for measuring radiation exposure  

In 2015, Malecare launched the patent pending Quality of Life serial data collection mobile app, Cancergraph  You can read more about Cancergraph here:

In 2017, Malecare, in collaboration with our academic partner the University of Minnesota, became the first prostate cancer nonprofit to receive NIH/NCI funding for a clinical trial.  That trial can be seen here: