I am 55. I was treated in 2002 with proton radiation. PSA prior to treatment was 6.1 , gleason was 3+4. After treatment PSA has been negligible until the last few years. My PSA’s over the last 3 years have been, .27,.47,.69,1.06,1.43,1.66, and 2.64 in Nov 2009. I had biopsie in Jan. 2009, 8 samples (16mg prostate volume) negative. Bone scan Mar. 2009, negative. CT scan March 2009, negative. I am not sure what course of action to take. Another biopsie, Cryo salvage, watch and wait, HIFU, etc.?


You may want to see Dr. Scionti ( HIFU specialist) at NYU (646-744-1505). He will not push HIFU if you do not need it and he is also a cryo surgeon. He can thoroughly evaluate your case and give you proper guindance. I am not sure if watch and wait is an option, but a strict plant based diet ( mostly vegetables and fish,,, whole foods, nuts a and seeds – no sugar, processed foods and not red meat) will help.
Good luck to you.