I’ve just been diagosed with prostate cancer. Doctors report says:
reviewed 12 H&E slides and one immunostained slide A-L representing prostrate needle biopsies from the above-named patient; a 71 old male. Slide B,which is to said to come from the left lateral mid,contains a focus of prostatic adenocarcinoma,Gleason 6(3+3) involving one of one core with a linear dimension of approximately 0.8mm which represents 7% OF of th tissue submitted.A corresponding immunohistochemical stain for high molecular weight cytokcratin falls lo demonstrate a basal cell layer in the neoplastic glands,supporting a malignant diagnosis.Slide G which is said to come from the right base,contains high-grade prostatic,intraepithefial neoplasia(PIN).The remainder of the biopsies contain benign prostatic tissue.My doctor recommends IMRT radiation. I am thinking about seed implant,or to do nothing.What treatment would you recommend,and side effect of the treatment.I am in good health with no urinary problem.Thank You.


Not knowing anything else about your case makes it difficult to make suggestions.
However, you should look into getting other opinions from at least 2 other urologist. According to your description of your pathology report, you may be a good candidate for active surveillance, where no immediate mainstream treatment would be performed. To slow the progression even more, eat a Mediterranean plant based diet and take extra supplements of fish oil, vitamin D at least 2000IU a day (under doctor supervision) and vitamin E with gamma tocopherol. Good luck to you.