Uncovering the Impact of Harriet Weeks: The Pioneer of Ethical Clinical Trials

Harriet Weeks is a pioneering figure in the field of clinical trials, known for her contributions to the development and implementation of ethical guidelines for human research. She has been a driving force in shaping the way clinical trials are conducted, with a focus on protecting the rights and well-being of participants. One of Weeks' [...]

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“Conquering UTIs: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Treating Urinary Tract Infections”

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in any part of the urinary system, which includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. UTIs are typically caused by bacteria, and the most common symptom is a burning sensation or pain when urinating. The treatment for a UTI typically involves antibiotics to eliminate the [...]

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American association of cancer researchers

  The NIH and NCI budgets have remained smaller than needed for years, making this the longest sustained period of flat government funding for cancer research in the country’s entire history. With medical inflation hovering around 18% each year, the real value of the dollars earmarked for cancer research has plummeted. The failure to [...]

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 THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED written by a prostate cancer patient who wants to be anonymous Most men  if they ever think about their death presume  it will be fast and painless. A  PCA diagnosis can shatter that presumption. From age 70 to 73 my annual blood work showed an increasing PSA  triggering a referral to a urologist. An MRI [...]

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Covid-19 Online Support Group Launches

New Coronavirus COVID-19 Online Patient to Patient Support Group Launched POSTED ON: 17 MAR, AUTHOR: MALECARE Coronavirus COVID-19 patients are relieving anxiety and sharing facts and strategies in a new and free online support group. Malecare, the USA based patient advocacy nonprofit, announced a new, free coronavirus COVID-19 online support group at https://coronavirussupportgroup.org People [...]

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Malecare moving online to deliver safe support in the context of COVID-19 / Coronavirus

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Leilah van der SchyffMarketing at HealthUnlocked leilah@healthunlocked.com       Malecare moving online to deliver safe support in the context of COVID-19   London, United Kingdom, March 2020 - Given the latest updates of the Coronavirus disease, people are being advised by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

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Financial Assistence

Paying for cancer drugs is hard.  Costs are high and options for paying for cancer medications are few. There's a list of financial resources making the rounds that I thought to post.  Malecare hopes you find the financial help you need. AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation (Lupron)  www.abbviepaf.org 800-222-6885 AMS Co-Pay Assistance Program (AMS implant) Downloadable Brochure [...]

World’s First All-Female Prostate Cancer Patient Day-Long Conference Taking Place October 5 in NYC

Malecare, America’s largest men’s cancer support network, this week announced the world’s first prostate cancer patient conference to feature an all-female faculty featuring twelve of the U.S.A.’s top prostate cancer clinicians. The Prostate Cancer Patient Conference is a day-long event taking place in New York City on October 5th. “Less than 1% of all [...]

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