Historical Milestones

Malecare is founded as a prostate cancer patient advocacy nonprofit organization.

Malecare creates the world’s first Male Breast Cancer support and advocacy network.

Malecare creates the world’s first support groups for gay and bisexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Malecare becomes the founding organization of the field of LGBT psycho-oncology.

Malecare began to disrupt the disparity of prostate cancer killing African-American men at twice the rate as Caucasian men, with our African-American Prostate Cancer Research Directory.

Malecare creates the world’s first peer to peer cancer survivor dating website, validating the unique issues that challenge single men and women diagnosed with cancer.

Malecare creates the National LGBT Cancer Project, the world’s first cancer survivor advocacy organization focused on serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. The National LGBT Cancer Project can be seen at https://lgbtcancer.org .

Malecare creates the Black Dad Connection program, focusing on improving health and parenting skills for African American fathers.

Malecare becomes the world’s first organization to identify advanced stage prostate cancer patients as a cohort with unique psychosocial and treatment navigation issues. 

Malecare creates the world’s first psycho-social support program to focus exclusively on men presently with advanced stage prostate cancer.

Malecare creates the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance, an international collaboration of national prostate cancer organizations. The Global Prostate Cancer Alliance can be seen at https://prostatecanceralliance.org .

Malecare creates the world’s first cancer research crowdfunding platform, Start A Cure; funding research at academic centers such as Harvard and John’s Hopkins.

Malecare develops a new model for patient advocacy, which we call, Patient Action Leaders. Examples of recent success for that model can be seen at http://malecare.org/advocacy .

Malecare creates an African American and prostate cancer advocacy program called, “Twice As Many. “

Start A Cure morphs into a Malecare research unit, beginning a program of psycho-social and medical treatment investigations.  Current research, including peer-reviewed papers covering our work, can be seen at http://malecare.org/prostate-cancer-research-patents/

Malecare earns its first patent for a nuclear medicine quality assurance device.  Malecare is the first and only prostate cancer nonprofit organization to have invented a patented medical device.

Malecare launches Cancergraph, an iOS and Android quality of life serial data collection and distribution app.  Cancergraph was favorably reviewed in The Lancet and is currently widely used in English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese language versions.

Malecare, along with our academic partner the University of Minnesota began an NIH/NCI funded clinical trial to investigate an intervention for restoring the quality of life for post-treatment prostate cancer patients.

Malecare continues to facilitate one of the world’s largest online and in-person patient support networks.