• Men fighting cancer together has been Malecare’s tagline since 1977.  
  • We fight to fund for new treatments that maintain our quality of life.  
  • We fight to make sure the needs of underserved people are acknowledged and met.
  • We fight to drive Prostate and Male Breast Cancer preventable and treatable.
  • We fight to make cancer treatment affordable and available to everyone.

The Patient Action Leader Council is Malecare’s way to activate your voice.
Membership is open to all diagnosed men, their family members, and friends. The Council developed from a series of focus groups Malecare held in 2014.

The Patient Action Leader Council meets twice a year via ninety-minute teleconferences to discuss your suggestions about advocacy, engagement and creating meaningful change. Board members will participate in at least one call per year and will be encouraged to email their thoughts between meetings.

The Patient Action Leader Council has had several major successes, which you can read about in the articles listed here.  What will be our next success?


Patient Action Leader Council