Cancer is not about colored ribbons or doing walkathons.  For us, it’s about fighting death.  We need medical science to progress.  We need funding for research for a cure or for a tolerable way to manage cancer, until we die from something else.

Malecare fights for the health care resources we can use, today, and for research to create treatments that we might use, tomorrow.  Malecare advocates for health care in a variety of ways.  Our volunteers sit on the boards of several national and local nonprofits and government agencies.  We help facilitate various collaborations between nonprofits, such as the Committee for Fair Visitation Rights and the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance.  We present to government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration.  We consult with a variety of local, state and federal politicians.  And, we engage you.

You are the engine of advocacy, the voice of survivors and the creator of our agenda.  You tell us where we should be fighting.  And we listen.