We are honored that you have found our website and invite you to learn more about our work.

Malecare is the largest men’s cancer survivor national support and advocacy nonprofit organization.   We are a volunteer organization, run mostly by social workers and psychologists. Founded in 1998, our programs and activities are entirely driven by patient demand.  Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals are encouraged to learn more about our work.

Malecare’s volunteers include researchers.  Our work has generated thirteen peer reviewed journal articles as well as two books directed at Gay men and prostate cancer, and one book directed at African American men.

As patient advocates and thought leaders, our volunteers have presented to the FDA, Congress, NCI, DoD, and numerous professional conferences, worldwide.  Our patient clients form the largest cohort of consumer reviewers on most all national panels.

Please feel encouraged to:

  • Use Malecare as a trusted referral for in-person and online support groups, all moderated by licensed social workers and psychologists.
  • Recommend malecare.org as a trusted source for patient focused online information.  All of the materials on our website are periodically reviewed by our clinical advisors.
  • Learn more about the unique treatment and psycho-social needs of gay and bisexual patients and men presenting from marginalized communities.
  • Empower your patients with opportunities for advocacy and family support.

Please feel encouraged to consider Malecare as a significant partner in the treatment and support of your patients and their families.

Please email our Executive Director, Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW with any questions or thoughts.   darryl@malecare.org