How do we work together? – Community Agreements

  • We commit to continuous learning. We recognize that knowledge is not a finite resource and there will always be more to know.
  • We agree to honor the many social identities, positions, and experiences we bring to the team and treat each other with respect.
  • We acknowledge that there are many ways of knowing and that our lived experiences matter.
  • We pay ongoing attention to the power differentials that exist in this space.
  • Meetings are a place for constructive and supportive dialogue across differences.
  • We commit to humility which means challenging our own biases, recognizing our privileges, and taking accountability when we have caused harm, including when unintentional.
  • At any point a team member can invoke these agreements and we commit to listening and addressing either immediately, separately, or afterwards. We discuss issues seriously, openly, and directly.
  • These agreements are necessary so that we can promote justice, equity, and anti-oppression in the work we do.