Malecare is internationally known for several unique programs addressing under-served and marginalized men, their husbands, wives, partners, family members and friends.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

Men do not die from prostate cancer, but they do die from advanced prostate cancer.  In 2006, Malecare started the world’s first program dedicated to men either diagnosed with advanced stage disease, or, those dealing with recurrent prostate cancer after initial treatment.

Prostate Cancer Under 50

Malecare advocates for the rising number of men presenting with prostate cancer diagnosed in their thirties and forties.  Younger men have unique treatment and psycho-social and economic needs than do those men diagnosed in mid and late life.   In 2003, Malecare developed a unique and groundbreaking program to help these men and their families.

Twice As Many

Prostate Cancer kills twice as many men of African Descent as white men.  Twice As Many is their national advocacy program.

Facing Cancer Alone

Helping men who live alone navigate cancer treatment, without support from family or friends.

Gay Men and Prostate Cancer

Men who have sex with men constitute approximately 8-9% of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer.  These men present with histories challenged by homophobia and marginalization.   Malecare is the worlds leading advocate and program development nonprofit for gay men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Black Dad Connection

Black men of all backgrounds face unpredictable and under researched cancer incidence rates and mortality.   Malecare sought to combine parenting skill development along with health care awareness.  We ask young Black men to look into the eyes of their new born, and commit to living a long and healthy life.

Global Prostate Alliance

24 national prostate cancer advocacy nonprofit organizations from 19 countries, collaborating  to diminish the global burden of prostate cancer by building local, national, and international advocacy, and awareness building capacities and access to affordable and appropriate care.  No man on our planet should be denied access to prostate cancer information, diagnosis or treatment.

Website Content

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