Malecare seeks gifts and grants from individuals, partnerships, corporations, organizations, government agencies or other entities without limitations—unless acceptance from a specific source is inconsistent with Malecare’s beliefs, values and mission.

Malecare will not accept gifts or grants unless the actual identity of the donor is fully disclosed.

Malecare will never accept gifts from companies whose products may be harmful to our clients or when it’s products or services are incompatible with our philosophy.

Donors are encouraged to offer general unrestricted gifts and grants as well as those in support of areas reflecting their interests.

Malecare may offer named or commemorative gift and funding opportunities. Such opportunities represent a tangible means of demonstrating an individual donor’s investment in specific activities of Malecare.

When gifts with restrictions are accepted, restrictions will be honored. However, at no time will Malecare accept any gifts or grants that are specifically tied to any restriction that seeks to influence the development of any policy or require a recommendation of any external product.