“Improving communication between patient and doctor by giving you the same language and understanding of your disease”

Malecare and You

Capsule Summary:
Founded in 1997, Malecare is America’s leading men’s cancer survivor
support and advocacy national nonprofit organization. Our services are
provided free, nationwide. We are known for our work in helping
underserved populations, like African-Americans, LGBT and Native American
cancer survivors.
We consider ourselves a dynamic, nimble and cutting edge company where we
strive to be first in understanding and implementing new technology in
service to our cancer survivor population.

Malecare, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1997.  Malecare develops practical, life enhancing men’s health programs. In 1998, we became the world’s first men’s cancer survivor organization to focus on gay and bisexual men’s survivorship.  Malecare created the worlds first gay men’s prostate cancer support group, which has expanded into a global network of in-person and online support for all men of all sexual identities and genders.

Since 2005, we have expanded our programs to include services and research regarding the effects of cancer on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people via our new nonprofit organization, the  National LGBT Cancer Project-Out With Cancer.  The Black Dad Connection program, focusing on improving health and parenting skills for African American fathers.

Malecare’s  ED Forum addresses erectile dysfunction for gay and straight men.  We are oncologists, psychologists and social workers facilitating health care programs, free and open to the public. Many of Malecare’s clinical volunteers are themselves diagnosed with cancer.  Malecare workshops, lectures, treatment and support groups facilitating health education to men, their loved ones and their families.

1-     The cancer programs include education, support and resource sharing for men with prostate cancer (both localized and metastatic), anal cancer, testicular cancer and male breast cancer.

2-     The advocacy program includes the development of public and governmental awareness of the health issues faced by all men and their families.

3-     The cancer research programs (www.StartACure.com) include the first and only crowd source funding vehicle for cancer research as well as a robust clinical trials program.

4-     The publishing efforts have included numerous scientific and medical journal articles; magazine articles; books; online publications; videos; teleconferences and blogs.

Men’s Health – The Problem
Men get sicker faster and die younger than women.

Prostate Cancer is diagnosed in nearly as many men as women with breast cancer, more than 350,000 men annually worldwide.  Men outnumber women as victims of violence and on-the-job accidents. By age 75, American and European men die of cancer at nearly twice the rate of women. Male Breast Cancer cases have risen 25% in 25 years in the United States. Yet, men’s health education and prevention is sorely lacking. Men seem reluctant to see a doctor and face barriers when they do.

Men’s health, worldwide, is deteriorating  every year  due to neglect on men’s part, poor access to medical facilities, under-funded research in male-specific diseases and other disparities in medical care.
In the United States, inequalities exist for 30 percent of men in the U.S. – African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans and others. Men of color have the lowest life expectancies: 66.1 years for Native Americans, 67.6 years for African Americans, and 69.6 years for Latinos. African American men die almost 12 years sooner than White American women. Native Americans encompass numerous tribes. And all include men in need of health care.
The solution:
Learn about your body. Improve your performance.  Learn how to fix yourself.  Use this web site to educate yourself about the more common health problems and treatment options men face.  Go to Malecare workshops in your area.  If there are none, then start one.