Hey, Where Did the Summer Go?

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer. I don't like being covered in sweat when I get to work. I don't like being devoured by evil hungry mosquitoes. And I despise flying beetles sneaking into my home getting caught in my ceiling fan's down draft and landing in my sleeping face. I also don't [...]

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The Second Grade is Done, Son!

Dev has recently become my biggest fan asking me why I haven't posted anything recently, giving me ideas on what to write about, and basically telling me that I am not popular enough and I need to take this thing to another level. I working on that, which is why I am not as prolific [...]

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I work at a school that currently only has kindergarten and first grade students. Little people love to hug so trust me when I tell you kids are hugging each other and staff all day long. I try to avoid this love fest for a myriad of reasons, but mos