I made it. It's 12:00 midnight in my part of the world and I have not turned into a pumpkin. Today I make history - it is the first official time that I will turn 30. I plan on turning 30 every year for the next ten years, so the first one seems significant. I [...]

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It's almost that time of year again: the holiday season. Since the boy was born the holidays have?taken on new meaning. We now have the joy of looking at the season through the eyes of a child and that reminds of of why we like cold-as-heck November and December in the first place. What's more, [...]

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Dev's birthday was a great success - turning five is a big deal especially when you wake up relieved to find that you have "the same voice, same body, same feet, and no beard." While we were partying at his school he whispered excitedly to me "this is the best birthday ever!" T