img00081I’m still enjoying the holiday season despite the recession?that we’ve been in for the last year and I hope that others are too.?I don’t think you need to buy stuff to enjoy the season. Sometimes you just need to do stuff.?Stuff that takes you out of your comfort zone, like I did.?

On Thursday I got to play Santa Claus for the kids and families at?the school where I work. I was tense enough to snap in two for hours before hand as I tried to get?into my zone and?searched for?my motivation. Apparently it’s the perfectionist in me that will not allow me to go into something as obviously fun as being Santa without taking it as seriously as a?surgeon takes surgery. Of course I tend to relax once I get?going but I don’t?arrive at my zen place?easily. I was a teeny bit off given that?a kid or two questioned my authenticity, but 99% of them were in full groupie mode.

Aside from the dehydration that?followed an evening of extreme perspiratation?under a crimson red plush polyester fur suit (and a belly stuffer that filled out the suit?more than I?could on my own) it was fun. I took pictures with most of the kids and answered their questions about my reindeer and sleigh and where I lived. I’d do it again, one day. Though next time I’ll bring some electrolytes and a fan.