Dev has recently become my biggest fan asking me why I haven’t posted anything recently, giving me ideas on what to write about, and basically telling me that I am not popular enough and I need to take this thing to another level. I working on that, which is why I am not as prolific here these days. In his honor, and to acknowledge that I hear him, I’m writing this post about… him!

My son finished second grade today. In an effort to refrain from being the sappy daddy I once was I will tread lightly on this subject. I will say that I am really proud of the dude he’s turning out to be. He’s growing up to be interesting and fun. When I started this blog he was around three years old and in nursery school. Now he’s on his way to third grade – an amazing new adventure awaits. When I was in third grade my teacher was lovely Ms. Castro. She drove a Fiero. I really liked her because she understood me even when I was having my moments. I had many moments and meltdowns back then (they have lessened dramatically but not quite stopped). I was a frustrated artist even then. Dev’s path may be his own but I do hope he gets matched with the perfect teacher for him. Even if that person is not his first choice, it may turn out to be a great match.

The best part of his completing the second grade was receiving his final report from his teacher. She was his teacher for two years straight so I would venture that few people know Dev as well she does. And she said some things that made my chest swell. She said that he his an avid reader and a great writer, his math skills are sharp as knives (I’m paraphrasing) and he was her go-to for many things (not paraphrasing). When the class got stuck on something they would look to Dev to help lead the charge toward a solution. With all the great things she said there was one thing in particular that gave me pause – she said he is a leader.

For those of you who know me and have read this blog over the years, you know that I am all about raising a leader. Leadership is a big theme in my house. You don’t necessarily have to lead a nation, but you do have to lead yourself in the right direction. To know that he served as a leader in his class and helped read to students, helped with technology, and helped work through problems, I could be no prouder. My wife and I have really been adamant about him stepping up and stepping in whenever he can, and in second grade he did. This is what parenthood is all about. And in many ways its what life is about. Sometimes you have to leave the past troubles behind so you can move forward and be successful. Easier said than done, but when you do it can be miraculous. Dev doesn’t even remember how terrible his twos and threes and fours were. I remind him, but it’s a beautiful thing when that weight is not on your shoulders. It’s beautiful when your life is your own.

(Was that sappy?)

Cheers to the third grade!