Yesterday my new job, which is a charter school, welcomed its first kindergarten and first grade classes. The first graders seemed like old pros for the most part and were ready to go (again, for the most part). The kindergartners were a little more apprehensive, but no less enthusiastic. These kids are the kind of cute that you think you only see on TV. However, they are real and they are ready to take on the world, or at least their teachers. It’s an honor to work for a program that is so dedicated to to the future, and building the leaders that will get us there.

I’ll tell you this: kindergartners, and first graders?are a handful. It amazes me that we?don’t pay teachers (and social workers, but that’s another post) tons of money to?teach our children.?Teachers should be up there with doctors and lawyers on the pay scale. I?sit in awe of the educators?who take their jobs seriously and love what they do. No doubt they’re a little nuts for locking themselves in a room with a couple of dozen adorable monsters for seven hours a day, but it’s that good kind of crazy.

My boy will be starting kindergarten next week and I am excited as hell. He has admitted to being sad that he’s leaving the best pre-k EVER though he seems excited about?taking the next step in what I am sure will be an extraordinary life. We told him that?it’s OK to be a little sad and that we were too, but we?are also thrilled about his new school. Life is about stages and moving forward, and that’s what we are going to do – keep it moving.

I’m ready to rock and roll, folks. I have a good feeling about my son’s future, though I must concede that I am biased. He’s a big boy with a big brain and a big heart. He may well be the second black president. Readers, we are about the move into AFRICAN AMERICAN DAD: The School Age Years!?