I’m not the biggest fan of the summer. I don’t like being covered in sweat when I get to work. I don’t like being devoured by evil hungry mosquitoes. And I despise flying beetles sneaking into my home getting caught in my ceiling fan’s down draft and landing in my sleeping face. I also don’t like the crazy high phone bills that the electric company sends out seemingly every week (because comfort in the summer comes at a premium). I don’t like hurricane season which is pretty much the entire summer. Summer sequels and remakes make for a tedious three months of “big’ movies. All of my favorite TV shows are in reruns because I don’t have cable. Airline ticket prices go up. Gas goes up. Temp goes up. Again, not a fan of summer.

But, I do find myself wondering where the summer went.

I think I made it to the park with my son four times this summer. The family and I did not get to a beach at all. And I may have barbecued twice through the entirety of the dog days. I’ve been so tired from all my projects and the job that pays me that I lost track of time. Now I find myself scratching my head and saying “tomorrow is Labor Day, really?” And “Dev starts third grade next week, really?” I may not care for summer much but I do care about my family and I am wondering if I should have had more fun with them and less work and recovering from work. They are an understanding duo and they know that I keep busy now as a sacrifice for what I hope to give them in the future. Still, the summer is over and I don’t have much to show for it in terms of family memories aside from the cruise we took two months ago.

That said, the end of the summer means the start of autumn, and I XOXO autumn! Cool weather, pumpkin and apple picking with the fam. Halloween costumes. Better clothes options for