In my last post I mentioned a bit of a life change on the horizon. But I suppose transition is a more accurate word for it. Today was my last day of work?after over four years at one of the best non-profit organizations in NYC, and perhaps the country. I didn’t go into leaving?said?company lightly either, not in the least. I consulted with friends, mentors, the wife and others. I did the math. And when it was all said and done I followed my gut. The result is that I’m joining the charter school movement in a school that will open it’s doors for the first time?this Fall.

I had been kind of watching the movement since I did a paper on?charter schools?years ago in college when the idea was still novel. At the time the students in my Urban Studies major predicted substantial growth in the model, which is exactly what has happened.?These days the success stories are too numerous to count (of course some schools have failed but that number is dwarfed by the thriving schools).

The main goal of Charters is not to replace traditional public educations – they are public schools after all -?but to give education options to parents that?don’t usually have the financial resources to seek out alternatives to their zoned schools. I learned this first hand when my wife and I applied to four charters for the Dev’s kindergarten. The demand for seats in these schools were so high that we were wait-listed in every one, in some instances as far down the list as 300-something?(lucky for us he got into a school that we loved).

My point is that I think this is a good move for me, I’m just nervous. I always strive for excellence in whatever I do and for me anything less is not an option. Or at least not the first option. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perfectionist. People who look for perfection often find themselves wallowing disappointment while the next challenge is being neglected. I’m simply a realist who sets the bar high for himself. I may complain about something not working out, but I’m always on to the next thing and learning from the last thing. I’m just hopi