Caregivers of Advanced Prostate Cancer Men

Prostate Cancer Caregivers are wives, husbands, sons, daughters and friends.  Partners and spouses; lovers and mistresses.  
Metastatic prostate cancer and castrate resistant (mCPCA) bring caregivers closer to death. Caregivers tell us they want is truth from the experiences of actual caregivers.  
Below are quotes from interviews and Malecare prostate cancer support group attendees.  
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Voices of Spouses and Partners as Prostate Cancer Caregivers
(scroll down for voices of sons and 

Nobody believes he’s sick so we even stopped telling people.


His job is live his life, my job is to do research – he’s on a need to know basis about his prostate cancer.


Let’s just take this more slowly and figure out exactly what’s going on before you get rushed into surgery by the urologist.


I go to every doctor’s appointment because I take notes. I advise that for wives or caregivers. Go with him.


I think it would be very hard for people who don’t have 100% honesty in their relationship to manage this disease.


The doctor talks and we hear two different things. He’s too freaked to hear the truth. I am the truth-teller of what the doctor says.  


Maybe there are spouses who would want to protect their husbands from stuff but we’re just not like that. That’s why 100% honestly is kind of critical.


I’m always listening for the intimacy side effects of treatments. Those affect both of us.


I have a healthy skepticism about the medical community and I think y