Men may be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in one of two ways: Some are initially diagnosed with advanced disease. Some men experience reoccurring prostate cancer after primary treatment fails them. Although they aren’t exactly the same, we use the terms reoccurring prostate cancer and advanced prostate cancer interchangeably, because the treatments are the same.

“I don’t feel anything, so how can my cancer be so bad?”

Advanced prostate cancer often occurs without physical symptoms. This may sound surprising, but feeling healthy is not a good indicator of how life threatening your prostate cancer may be. In fact, many men in our Malecare support groups learned of their advanced stage disease from elevated PSA scores or a suspicious image revealed by scans rather than having experiencing any physical symptoms.

About 30% of men who have had a primary treatment for prostate cancer eventually experience a return of the cancer, or Reoccurring prostate cancer. Even after our doctors assured us that our treatment worked and that we were cancer-free, it comes back. Truth is, prostate cancer never left us. The initia