Hot Sheets from Hot Flashes in a Prostate Cancer perspective.  

Hot Flashes usually occurs in men undergoing Androgen deprivation therapy, also known as hormone therapy. At night, hot flashes can turn a restful sleep into a soggy, drenched, uncomfortable mess.  Hot Sheets is the term used by advanced prostate cancer support group members to describe their beds after a hot flash.

There are several strategies for hot sheet relief.  Some advanced prostate cancer men sleep with two or three sheets, so that when one becomes super soggy, they just strip off the top layer.  Unfortunately, that kind of hot sheeting doesn’t work very well, as a hot flash can generate enough sweat to soak through two or three sheets rather quickly.  

A better hot sheet strategy is to place waterproof pads between each sheet layer.  That way, when you strip off the sheets, you quickly come to a dry layer and get back to sleep.

Some men forgo stripping sheets and try to keep their bedroom super cold.  That creates a bit of relief  but will do nothing to stop the hot flashes from occurring. Hot flashes occur from the way hormone therapy works.  Changing your environment, like keeping an air conditioner on, full blast,  may make you feel a bit of relief but will do nothing to reduce the number of hot flashes that you experience. 

Hot sheets are truly a difficult side effect.   We want to hear your suggestions.  Please email them to