What Is Molecular Oncology?
Malecare in collaboration with Massive Bio is bringing genomic medicine to prostate cancer patients. We want to understand why any particular man gets prostate cancer and what that man can choose for precise treatment. Archived tumor specimens and tissues gathered in clinical trials are sequenced. The molecular profile of each tumor is then matched with clinical data, including the specific patient’s outcome and response to therapy.
The molecular oncologist can then suggest specific treatments and clinical trials that might deliver benefits, based on your unique genomic profile. The goal is to match your tumor with the appropriate treatment.

What or who is Massive Bio?

Massive Bio (massbio.io) is a healthcare startup in New York City, bringing next-generation testing and treatment options to community oncologists, powered by world leading cancer experts. Our Personalized Oncology Advisory (MB-POA) service helps oncologists incorporate tumor profiling, targeted therapies, and outcomes tracking into their daily decisions. We are the only company in the market that provides vendor neutral interpretation of molecular profiling tests and reimbursement support for off-indication therapies.
We will have partnerships with tumor profiling vendors as a CRO or
consultant, but never an *exclusive* partnership. We don’t have plans to develop
our own tumor profiling capabilities. Instead we do a proper due diligence on all
the vendors out there, and present an impartial SWOT to oncologists, and a
simplified summary for patients. Molecular profiling technologies and
interpretation of them is our strength, not so much the medical oncology. We are honored to be working with Malecare to offer personalize precision oncology for prostate cancer patients.

What is Massive Bio offering?

Our complete product listing for patients and oncologists is at massbio.io/pricing. 200 of Malecare’s members will receive our Molecular Oncology Advisory service (Plan 2) at no cost, with the following features:

● Medical data collection and curation of patient’s clinical history.
● General advisory via email for a duration of 4 weeks after initial data collection.
● Guidance in selecting one or more appropriate molecular profiling tests. If appropriate tests were already ordered, then MBI works with those reports.
● Schedule a 30 minute phone call with a relevant MBI oncologist, nurse navigator, or molecular profiling expert to discuss the case, and assist in interpretation of clinical or prognostic significance of molecular profile report(s).
I just got diagnosed. Shouldn’t I follow my doctor’s prescribed treatment plan?
When you’re first diagnosed, there is usually a standard set of tests and treatments that should be followed. Our advisory service is most useful when those standard treatments have failed, and your oncologist needs to consult specialists. However, it’s never too early to perform molecular profiling on a piece of the tumor.
Am I going to have more tests or surgeries if I go with your program?
In most cases, a biopsy of the tumor will already be available, and we recommend tests to be performed on that. If a biopsy is not already available, we are very effective at extracting more information from your treatment history, and results from other tests.

What experience does Massive Bio have with prostate cancer?
Massive Bio has been active with several other cancer types, but Malecare’s members will be the first 200 prostate cancer patients to benefit from Massive Bio’s work.

What is the process?

1. Fill out the brief form, below, with your full name and email address. In a day or two, you will receive an email from Malecare with a code for this free offer. Please do not deprive others of this limited to 200 men offer…fill out the form only if you are really interested in following through.
2. Place your order at https://massbio.io/order using the code that Malecare will email to you. This will help us ensure your eligibility for the promotional offer.
3. After receiving your order and data (HIPAA) authorization, we will send you credentials to securely upload your clinical data. We review your data for accuracy, and may contact you again for clarifications.
4. After sufficient clinical data has been received for our experts to begin case review, we will let you know when we will send you our experts’ recommendations.
5. If the recommendations include a molecular profiling test, then please request your primary oncologist to order it, and send us the report. Allow at least an additional week for our experts to review the new report.
(Note: If a recent biopsy of the tumor is available, then molecular profiling may take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the efficiency of your provider. If you want to skip this step, our experts will still make good use of your other data)
6. We will schedule a 30-minute phone call between you and your Massive Bio contact, to discuss your case details and our recommendations.

Molecular Oncology Sign Up

What clinical data will I have to share?

Data collection is implemented as a secure HIPAA-compliant online form, and email support will be available at support@massbio.io to assist in filling it out.

Current Age
Male / Female
White / Black / Asian / Hispanic / Native American
Gender / Straight / Gay
Rural / Suburban / Urban
Economic status
Contact information

Type of cancer
Age when cancer was diagnosed
Symptoms at diagnosis
Stage at diagnosis
Areas of metastatic disease (if Stage IV)
Prior treatments (including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery)
Response to prior treatments and/or reasons for stopping one
Current treatment, and response so far
Molecular profile test results, if available
Specific questions/concerns you want MBI’s experts to address during the phone call

Notes: We think this is a marvelous opportunity for Malecare members to benefit from cutting edge, state of the art oncology at no cost.  Molecular oncology is proving itself in many different cancer types, but only recently in prostate cancer.  You will be among the very first prostate cancer patients to benefit from Massive Bio, so, be sure to discuss all the recommendations and clinical trial opportunities their oncologists and genomic experts suggest, with your current treating urologist or oncologist.   Massive Bio will not share your identity with third-parties or other companies. Massive Bio will use your data for research purposes only. For example, to improve and automate the recommendations we generate for patients similar to you.