Bone Health and Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment might cause numerous bone-related complications. Sometimes the prostate cancer treatments can cause these complications as well. If prostate cancer is not stopped in time, it will spread to the bone and cause pain and discomfort. 
Whenever prostate cancer spreads beyond the prostate, the condition is called bone metastases. Bone metastases are tumors that form on your bones. It happens after prostate cancer has progressed to the advanced stages and spread beyond the prostate to the bone. Unfortunately, most men who have advanced prostate cancer will have to deal with bone metastases eventually.
The good news is treatments are available to help men deal with the symptoms of bone loss and bone metastases. These treatments are formulated to improve their bone density and stop any further bone loss. Some treatments are more successful than others, though.
For instance, doctors like to administer hormonal therapy to men who have prostate cancer. However, hormonal therapy will cau