The Eighth Birthday of the Fatherdad Blog

On this day eight years ago I made my first post on That was the first ever post by a black "daddy blogger." I searched high and low for one before I determined that I was it. I think that post is a hilariously bad and somewhat profound (and very much unnoticed) internet milestone. [...]

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I know I'm late! I'm just keeping it real and keeping it busy. And keeping it real busy. I have a new post about injustice (some light reading) up at my other non-profit blog. Please support and link and all that other stuff! Click here to read.

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This past summer my son Dev and I started the BDC Kick Scooter Crew. He rides the big-wheeled Airwalk Grande Scooter and I opted for the extra sturdy Razor A5 Lux. Our club is awesome, and we want you to join, because we suspect you and your kids are awesome too. You see, our club [...]

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Hey, Where Did the Summer Go?

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer. I don't like being covered in sweat when I get to work. I don't like being devoured by evil hungry mosquitoes. And I despise flying beetles sneaking into my home getting caught in my ceiling fan's down draft and landing in my sleeping face. I also don't [...]

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Fatherdad’s Summer Round-up So Far…

When I'm not supporting public charter schools in the area of finance and accounting, building my non-profit (Black Dad Connection), publishing a book, designing a website, performing weddings, and just generally keeping busy as a father and husband I am, well, doing other things. For instance I read, play with toys, and generally don't sleep. [...]

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I think about the dreams of mine that have come true over the last few years and I am appreciative. I published a written work, I wrote a book on black fatherhood that I will be publishing as an eBook in the coming weeks, I am Executive Director of a non-profit that I started and [...]

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April 2011 was one of those months that I can look back on and smile. It was filled with love, vindication, and fun. The love part was when I had the opportunity to preside over the nuptials of one of my oldest friends. It was a chilly Sunday morning, Palm Sunday to be exact, when [...]

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For some reason Charlie Sheen thinks he is winning. It's one of his catch phrases after all. Sure he's rich and famous but he's also fired, and kind of a jerk. Sadly he's in denial about his seriously deep issues. In my book he's losing. He's losing big. He's a dad and he needs to [...]

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As Black History Month comes to a close for the 35th time I am left reinvigorated. The family and I went to Washington DC last week for four days to see the sights. It's one of those things that I always wanted to do but like so many things in my childhood it was just [...]

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