The Eighth Birthday of the Fatherdad Blog

On this day eight years ago I made my first post on That was the first ever post by a black "daddy blogger." I searched high and low for one before I determined that I was it. I think that post is a hilariously bad and somewhat profound (and very much unnoticed) internet milestone. [...]

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I know I'm late! I'm just keeping it real and keeping it busy. And keeping it real busy. I have a new post about injustice (some light reading) up at my other non-profit blog. Please support and link and all that other stuff! Click here to read.

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This past summer my son Dev and I started the BDC Kick Scooter Crew. He rides the big-wheeled Airwalk Grande Scooter and I opted for the extra sturdy Razor A5 Lux. Our club is awesome, and we want you to join, because we suspect you and your kids are awesome too. You see, our club [...]