This past summer my son Dev and I started the BDC Kick Scooter Crew. He rides the big-wheeled Airwalk Grande Scooter and I opted for the extra sturdy Razor A5 Lux. Our club is awesome, and we want you to join, because we suspect you and your kids are awesome too. You see, our club is currently just us and while that’s fine it’s still kind of small.

The kick scooter craze that we once thought was a fad is here to stay. And what better way to hang out with your kids than by being a grown man racing a growing kid on a scooter? Trust me, it’s fun. And during the summer I received lots of interest and attention while zooming through the park on my A5 with Dev right beside me. Guys didn’t even know that they made scooters we could ride and many said they were going to get their own. That’s what inspired the crew.

The club is for all dads and their kids, regardless of race or ethnicity, to join and have fun and be part of a movement that connects us through a somewhat silly, but oddly fun family activity. My son loves when we do the park loop (even in the ice cold of almost-winter in NY) and I think you will too! It really makes me feel like a kid again for about an hour a week and that’s a big plus when you have a lot of adult responsibilities to deal with. And of course any time I spend with my son is time well spent.

So I’m calling on my winter warriors (because you have to be to ride in the winter) and my warm weather guys to expand the crew to wherever you are and join us in connecting dads one kick at a time!

How do you join? Glad you asked. All you have to do is click here to go to the kick scooter crew page and leave the comment “I’M IN!” You don’t even have to have a scooter yet to join the movement because if enough people support I will do a few giveaways of the A5 in 2012.

If you are a budding die hard and just can’t wait then a good place to get scooters if you don’t already have one is at Amazon because they tend to be cheaper there than in the store and they have scooters that can carry most any weight. I’m on the h