The Eighth Birthday of the Fatherdad Blog

On this day eight years ago I made my first post on That was the first ever post by a black "daddy blogger." I searched high and low for one before I determined that I was it. I think that post is a hilariously bad and somewhat profound (and very much unnoticed) internet milestone. [...]

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I don't know where the time goes! At some point I looked up and a crazy amount of time had passed by. I feel like I have been constantly working doing presentations, writing, and networking yet nothing is happening aside from, or is as certain as, the passage of time. All of my efforts despite [...]

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I know we are all busy. For some reason people in this country (at least those of us in the Northeast) think that every minute of every day should be filled with stuff. If we have a minute we start to wonder why we didn't book it, then to make sure that it's covered we [...]

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I made it. It's 12:00 midnight in my part of the world and I have not turned into a pumpkin. Today I make history - it is the first official time that I will turn 30. I plan on turning 30 every year for the next ten years, so the first one seems significant. I [...]

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29 to 30

I'm counting down to the bitter-sweet (mostly sweet for the obvious "I'm alive" reasons) big day: my 30th. I have no plans for the milestone even though I've been talking about turning 30 since I turned 29. I have spent many hours over the past few months thinking back to my youth and trying to [...]

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