Gay Men And Prostate Cancer
How a Gay Man Survived Prostate Cancer

High P.S.A. blood test results ended with several visits to a competent urologist.    I had no idea what a urologist did?   Now I know way too much!!  The doctor and I recognized each other after years of being a shop keep and he a customer.   I remember upon entering the parking lot an understated white four door compact car with a vanity license plate that read something like   “WET 2 DRY”.   I  was more impressed that the obvious physicians car was not your usual imported  SUV copy wheels seen so often in the midtown area.   Repetitive pretense has always bored me.   Sure enough , it was in fact his wheels and he explained the incontinent service that a urologist so often deals with.  That made sense but I had yet to piss on my self without the proper invited company and appropriate rubber sheets and poppers !!    Just what am I doing here??   The usual drop your drawers while he felt around my genitals for any abnormalities, none detected.  While he explored, the conversation was light , and respectful, with him asking about business and my retort was,  “JESUS, Doc,  not now  you have my cock in your hand!!”   There is this unspoken respect for penis among men,  straight or gay, whether it be your penis or someone else’s.   Have you ever noticed how personal another man takes and injurious story about the male genitalia?   Or even the remote possibility of not being able to perform because of such injury to one’s cock?   And another question came to mind.  Just what underlying emotional agenda leads a male doctor to this field of medicine?   A light  smile and on to more test with a month wait and biopsy and ultra sound scheduled.  After having gone through ass cancer