The day went on with regular two hour interruptions of one sort or another.  The hospital is no place to rest.  I assure you.  I finally got the nerve to pull up my hospital gown and look down at myself.  I did not recognize anything from my tits down.  Who in gay hell is that?   And what bitch gave my genitals that Adolph Hitler hair cut?  Any ways, I was groggy but awake when I heard the rustling of many pairs of feet.  Bruce had slipped out by this time.  I swear I could smell them before I focused on the intrusion.  It was  Daryl, Daryl, and his other brother Daryl coming to check on Bubba in the next bed.   They had to have been born in the front yard under a white trash Pontiac Trans Am up on blocks.  I could over hear them trying to wake Bubba, their fourth brother but to no avail.    I then heard one of them say,  “Hell,  Bubba is not going to wake up. lets go get a drink and check back later”    OH Great!!  Bruce has pissed off  Ma Barker and now the Grease Brothers are going to suffocate me in the middle of the night!!    I called Bruce and told him to get over here and get all the gay flower arrangements out of this room, so as not to upset this band of rednecks.  Hoping to lay there and pretend to sleep without being noticed.

Bruce came back soon, and was polite to Ma Barker who had arrived by this time.    He was kind enough to show them the little kitchenette area where they could find light snacks and half can sodas, compliments of the hospital.  We quietly giggled through the percocet high about my predicament and Bruce left for the evening with flowers in tow.   Little did I know what lay ahead for the rest of the night.

The whole redneck clan showed up, kids and all.  I was gayly afraid to complain about so many people being in the room at one time.   I just tried to hold the curtain between us and take more drugs.    At one point there were at least six adults and two children. They were running back and forth to that kitchenette area procuring party snacks for the whole gang.    That bitch nurse Linda never showed up either.  The