I wouldn’t walk up to a guy on the street or at a bar and say “you’re hot, I have ed” but there is a point where you need to tell them. I don’t have the answer as to when that is though.  I know I have one case where I waited to long, it became obvious…my guy was disapointed and we ended our relationship. it doesn’t have to be that way though

That’s very simple to ask out for a friendship or for a date. Just say that i find you very attractive or interesting to be with and would love to date you. Not a big deal about it.

Yep, if someone is interested in you, he will go on the date even without asking.

Tell your partner your concern about their feelings, and ask them their opinion. Too often we guess what other people might think or feel without actually getting their direct input. there may be conflicting opinions, but this is mine and if you were my lover it is what i would hope you would do.

My partner is having trouble achieving orgasm and sometimes getting an erection. We think it is caused by low testosterone but testosterone replacement seems to be only moderately helpful. I’ve become reluctant to initiate sex because I don’t want him to feel disappointed or inadequate. On the other hand, I want to encourage intimacy even if it doesn’t end with an orgasm.

I’ve ED and I’ve been through 4 relationships and I suffered by not knowing what was my problem at the time. As you’ve identified the problem, i think that you need to ‘encourage intimacy’ with your partner but in a different way. Never show him any disappointment if he fails to have an erection or if it don’t last much time. Above all, let him feel that you support him.

Personally I needed to feel support and be sure that my boyfriends don’t leave me because of my problem. It is quite difficult to have ED but the sooner he attack the problem, the higher the chances of solve it.

Personally getting an orgasm is not the sole or even primary goal of initimacy with one’s significant other. I recommend that a partner of someone, still encourage sexual activity even when you expect your partner will not achieve orgasm. I am one who does not achieve a normal orgasm often or any more. I still like being touched and touching, I still get joy from the love communicated by the intimacy with a lover. 

It has been 3 years since my Prostate was removed. I have no incontinence problem which to be was a major plus. Now in the ED side that is another issue. I have read all the posts and I will tell you don’t give up. Keep doing the exercises and the different drugs. Like I stated it has been 3 years and I still experience improvement. Yes shooting a load is gone but I am enjoying some pretty great orgasms. But I do make sure I pee before sex because you could shoot some pee. Yes there are times it is so so, but I really think it is psychological. More foreplay and even porn helps the orgasms. For me it has been the change in mind set from the ED controlling me to owning it and taking control. And toys have opened up a new world too. The hollow strapon dildo for the times when your erection is not strong enough. Both you and your partner can killer sex. I have found using my energy to build a new sexy sex life is my answer. The mind is the biggest sex organ a man has. My penis doesn’t define me!