Addressing the unique needs of gay men with prostate cancer, Malecare developed a comprehensive program called “Pride in Prostate Care” (PPC). The primary objective of the PPC program is to improve support, care, and outcomes for gay and transgender prostate cancer patients by implementing programmatic changes and policies that address disparities and barriers faced by our Pride community.

The PPC program consists of several key components:

  1. Culturally Competent Healthcare Providers: The program provides specialized training for healthcare providers, including oncologists, urologists, and nurses, on the unique needs and experiences of gay and transgender people with prostate cancer. This training encompasses understanding cultural sensitivities, cultural humility, addressing potential biases, and fostering open communication with patients.
  2. Tailored Support Groups: PPC facilitates in-person and online support groups specifically for gay and transgender people diagnosed with prostate cancer, creating safe spaces where individuals can share their experiences, discuss treatment options, and receive emotional support from their peers. These groups will be facilitated by trained mental health professionals with experience in LGBTQ+ health issues.
  3. Resource Center: A dedicated online resource center that provides easy access to information on prostate cancer, treatment options, and support services tailored for gay and transgender people. The resource center also has a directory of urologists, oncologists, and other healthcare providers who meet our criteria as providers of LGBTQ-affirming healthcare.
  4. Policy Advocacy: The program advocates for policy changes at local, state, and federal levels to ensure that insurance coverage and healthcare policies are inclusive of the needs of gay prostate cancer patients. This includes advocating for coverage of specialized treatments and support services that may not be typically covered by standard insurance plans.
  5. Research & Evaluation: PPC collaborates with investigators, universities, and research institutions to study the effectiveness of healthcare-related initiatives and collects data on the unique experiences and outcomes of gay men with prostate cancer. This research helps identify areas for improvement and inform future program development.


Pride in Prostate Care program benefits include improved healthcare experiences for gay and transgender prostate cancer patients, increased access to specialized support services, and, ultimately, better health outcomes. By addressing the unique challenges faced by gay and transgender people with prostate cancer, PPC contributes to health equity in our community and fosters a more inclusive healthcare environment for all.