Looking for information on prostate Cancer metastases to the brain
My dad’s prostate cancer has spread to his left frontal lobe. He had a radical prostatectomy, radiation, hormone therapy (Lupron and Casodex)plus he has been undergoing Zometa infusions for the past five months. We have known for a little over 18 months that his cancer metastasized to his bones and even though his PSA level is not extremely high (currently 2.86) his cancer is still spreading rapidly.
An MRI done just this past week shows (regardless of all these treatments and the lowish PSA) his cancer is now in his brain and is putting pressure on his brain. It was also discovered that he now has Hydrocephalus in the inner brain. He is now having minor seizures and memory issues because of the pressure the cancer is causing on the brain.
Does anyone know of any treatment options? Or where can I find some info to educate myself. I am having a really hard time finding out info and treatment options for prostate cancer metastases to the brain.
My father is only 65 and was diagnosed only three years ago this month. I can’t understand why we are getting such little time on all our treatments.
We are currently waiting on an appointment with a neurosurgeon to see if this is operable, but in the mean time I am trying to research what options might be out there.
– Desperate Daughter


This is an uncommon place for prostate cancer to spread. The largest series of patients reported was from MD Anderson hospital in Houston Texas. They reported that the brain lesions usually respond well to radiation and the patients do not usually die from the cancer in the brain. I have seen 6 patients with prostate cancer in the brain and indeed none have died of the brain lesion.