My husband is currently 9 treatments into a second round of taxotere and carboplatin.  He is also taking emcyt the day of chemo and the day after.  He takes calcitriol (70 pills) the night before chemo.  The first round of chemo kept the cancer under control for 13 months.  This time he started in Sept. and his PSA was 36.  It has fluctuated up to 64, and for the last month and a half is staying around 50.  He is 67 & has no other major health issues. He feels very tired afternoons & evenings, but otherwise he feels ok and eats well. His original dx was in 2006 with a PSA of 29 and a Gleason of 9.  He had cryosurgery in 2006, has been on ADT, tried HDK.  His oncologist is considering mitoxantrone, which would be new to my husband, or a combo of gemzar, alimta & sutent.  We are moving into new territory here are are looking for further ideas and advice. (Additional meds he is taking are Lovenox, ethinyl estradiol, 125 mcg Leukine, Avodart, Proscar.)


I can tell from the treatment plan you relate that your physician is very knowledgeable about prostate cancer. This is a very sophisticated treatment program. His skill is also apparent in your husband’s mild side effects on this aggressive program. In my experience, excellence in supportive care is one of the major factors that separate really skilled medical oncologists from the average oncologist. Your oncologist’s plans for the next treatment also seem very appropriate. I would love to meet him over cocktails or coffee to exchange ideas.