Dr Myers, what can be done if the prostate cancer has spread to the lymph system? Mine are in the abdomen and neck area. I’m already on Lupron,Prednisone and doing alot of good eating and natural stuff. What else can be done to the actual nodes that are there?


Prostate cancer metastatic to lymph nodes can be approached by radiation or hormonal therapy. The abdomen and neck are usually considered areas where radiation would be difficult. However, prostate cancer metastatic to lymph nodes is often very responsive to hormonal therapy. As long as the cancer does not spread to bone or liver, the cancer can remain hormone-responsive for many years. I do question the use of Prednisone. It clearly has activity against prostate cancer, but chronic use of both androgen withdrawal and Prednisone put you at a very high risk for hypertension, diabetes and bone loss. At the very least, you would need to be on a bisphosphonate to prevent catastrophic bone loss. Additionally, you would need to be very carefully monitored for the development of hypertension.