I am 7 years past seeds plus external radiation. I go between two doctors for my psa tests. My psa has been undetectable or less than .04 for two years. My radiation doctor says I can go a year between psa tests now but my uro doc wants it done every six months. I have more faith in my rad. doc. but I would like to know the standard time for people like me between tests.


I strongly disagree with both of your physicians. I think you need to continue to get a PSA every three months. In prostate cancer patients, where we have really long-term survival data, patients can be in remission for more than 20 years and suddenly get a cancer recurrence. This phenomenon is called “cancer dormancy”. The earlier you catch recurrent disease, the easier it is to arrest its progression. For what it is worth, I am now 11 years three months out from radiation and seed implantation. Next week, I am getting my quarterly PSA test.