I had Prostate surgery via the de-vinchi method June 1, 2009.  I liked my  speed of recovery.  I have not had an erection since surgery.  Is this  normal and could I still become sexually active in time?  I was  given a prescription and used one pill with no results.  Any suggestions?


First, it is still early and men can still get some recovery out to 24 months. However, I think you may be making a major mistake. You say that you were given a pill, but you did not tell me what pill. I suspect this was Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. The standard approach is to take one of these every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even if you notice no reaction at first, these drugs can stimulate recovery. This is your best option to recovery sexual function. If this does not work, the next option would be one of the drugs you can inject into your penis. These can work in up to 80% of men. If that does not work, you can have a prosthesis placed in your penis to mechanically create an erection. While this sounds drastic, my patients who have done this have been, on the whole, very happy.