This has been one anxiety riddled week. The reason is simple: Gifted and Talented testing. We received the testing date last week, and Dev took the test today. So we literally had seven days of heart palpitations and panic to get through – and a thousand “what ifs.” What if he doesn’t want to participate? What if he catches a cold before the test and can’t go? What if he draws a blank on stuff he knows? What if the proctor is mean? What if we can’t find parking at the testing site? What if he decides he has to take a crap in the middle of the test because he likes to use public restrooms? And so on. Me, I was so bad that I didn’t go (I had to work anyway). Plus, I can be intense sometimes so my friends and colleagues recommended that I let the smaller ball of nerves (the wife) take him.

In the end it was fine. He was happy to be there, he liked his proctor, and Dev said he did his best. We have to take his word for it because you can’t ask the proctors any questions. And four year olds don’t think that testing is important, so all Dev wanted to talk about was going to Pizza Hut as we promised. Thankfully New York City is moving toward overhauling it’s testing policies in an effort to bring more parity to the process, but until then you have to “knock three times and say the password.” Now we have to wait something like two months to get the results. But we are thrilled this stage is over.

I don’t know how this all would have turned out without the wife. Since she’s been part-time she has really taken on the task of educating Dev. Her research, patience, knowledge (she was the youngest graduate in her master’s program), and dedication has made the experience successful regardless of the outcome. It’s not over yet, the competition is fierce, however we are off to a good start in large part due to Dev’s mommy.

This evening we celebrated the end of a tense week over pizza, which Dev specifically requested. We celebrated swimming against the current of long-held stereotypes. And we celebrated the beauty of our tiny family. Cheers!