I read this article yesterday from the New York Times and thought that it was worth sharing. Black hair is always a strange, and historically significant topic that just won’t die. When I read the description of a black dad braiding his little girls wild locks I got such a vivid, fun picture in my head that I laughed out loud. I also chuckled about the fact that he is praised for his hair styling capabilities, whereas black mothers have gotten little, or no recognition for the same skill. Sadly (for mommies anyway), that’s just the way it is. As we step out of the dark ages of parenting men will garner praise for things that women have always done. My hope is that one day it will level off and we will all be seen as equals in parenting. That’s why us dads blog about being dads in the first place.

The only thing I have issue with in the article is the last three paragraphs, though I’ll reserve my opinion on as to why. I’m not sure if what I’m thinking makes sense, or if I’m just being sensitive.