I never went to summer camp. Not an away camp, church camp, YMCA, neighborhood camp... nothing. When I was my son's age I lived in Key West, had two older brothers, and my mother was a full-time mom. Summers were the stuff of classic movies - carefree and exciting. We had crushes on the girl [...]

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We sang along. We danced for hours, years. We celebrated. We competed. We tried to frighten one another. We moon walked, badly. We made love. We connected. We laughed. We pumped our fists. We nodded our heads. We fantasized. We smiled. We listened, loudly. We two-stepped. We grew up. We played with friends. We started [...]

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Back in the day I had a tee ball set-up that was awesome. It was red and white and it had one of those balls with the elastic cord attached so you could practice on your own. I would play with that thing for hours and so would my brothers. I got really, really good [...]

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I am something of a Christmas music junkie. I listen all day at work?to this station and sometimes stream the online channels where you get even more variety (my favorite being the R&B channel). People come in and out of my office and comment on how they can't believe that?I can listen to holiday music [...]

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