Hey, Where Did the Summer Go?

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer. I don't like being covered in sweat when I get to work. I don't like being devoured by evil hungry mosquitoes. And I despise flying beetles sneaking into my home getting caught in my ceiling fan's down draft and landing in my sleeping face. I also don't [...]

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Since the beginning of October I have been listening to Christmas music. All kinds too - from Country and Metal to Soul and Hip-Hop and everything in between. It's really absurd and now that I see the words in black and white, it's also embarrassing. I need an ugly sweater and some felt reindeer antlers [...]

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Usually around this time of the year I am excited about rolling into the fun of the fall, and the awesomeness of the Holiday Season in NYC. We already purchased Dev's Halloween costume, and we're trying to decide on which orchard we will be picking apples and pumpkins at this year. Fall really is [...]

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Chemo Nausea – An Addendum to the May 11 post, “Nausea, Vomiting & Chemotherapy”

A study performed by the American Clinical Oncology Society and funded by the federal government was released on Thursday that demonstrated that ginger and ginger capsules taken a few days prior to the administration of chemotherapy significantly reduced chemo related nausea. Be aware that ginger ale and ginger cookies often contain only ginger flavor, not [...]

Nine Foods To Calm Down Your Stomach

Nausea can plague any of us whether the drugs we take cause it, or just because we feel nauseas. When we are feeling this way eating is probably not high on our list of preferred activities, but eating the correct foods can actually help us feel better. Consider giving these foods a try the next [...]


As you all know by now my 30th b-day is coming up. As a result I've been trying to make a move toward a healthier lifestyle. Part of it is that I just want to be sexy (ok sexier), but a big part of it is that I want to live a quality life in [...]

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