Classic holiday image!

Classic holiday image.

Usually around this time of the year I am excited about rolling into the fun of the fall, and the awesomeness of the Holiday Season in NYC. We already purchased Dev’s Halloween costume, and we’re trying to decide on which orchard we will be picking apples and pumpkins at this year. Fall really is my season (I am so happy to say farewell to summer – long hot days are not my thing at all). I embrace the chill in the air, and shorter days. I sincerely enjoy my boots and sweaters much more than my t-shirts and flip flops. And in the fall I can wear my backpacks without worrying about a sprawling sweat spot forming on the back of my shirt. The fall is, simply, comfy and cozy.

But this year a cloud hangs over the fall. Between swine flu and terror plots I hesitate to give a bro-hug to the holidays. I’m still going to do it up, but as a dad I think about the intense events of the world a little differently than I did when I was twenty pounds lighter and single. Dev wasn’t even around when 9/11 went down. Because of that day, and ever since he took center stage in my life, I react like a normal anxious parent to hearing about foiled plots (especially in NYC). And ever since he started public school I now think about public health as well as my family’s health. It’s amazing how much a kid can change your perspective on life. In the past it was whatever, now it’s what if.

F-it, like I said I’m still going to do the holidays as big as I can! I’m going to touch up some of the paint in the apartment, fix some bathroom tiles, repair a radiator, clean out the attic, and start thinking about my Xmas decorating theme (don’t judge me, I’m the holiday decorator in my house and Martha Suart herself would be inspired by my work). Pumpkins! Skeletons! Turkeys! Horns of plenty! Garland! Rockettes! Family drama! Whew, I have to catch my breath… Life is meant to be lived well and fully, and that’s what I’m going to keep on doing through the season, God willing. As soon as I’ve finished my homework, of course.