As you all know by now my 30th b-day is coming up. As a result I’ve been trying to make a move toward a healthier lifestyle. Part of it is that I just want to be sexy (ok sexier), but a big part of it is that I want to live a quality life in my old age. High blood pressure, diabetes and colon cancer run amok on both sides of my family so I’d be a real dumbass to pursue living in my 30s the same way I lived in my 20s. In actuality I don’t care much about superficial things like my clothes (I have pants I’ve been wearing to various jobs for 10 years) and I don’t care about hair (I shave weekly and get a haircut quarterly). I think being clean and smelling good are far more important than whether or not you shop on Madison Avenue or at the local $10 store. I also think that my colon and my heart should be cared for more assiduity than my cuticles.

So in an effort to live a long, quality life I’ve been toying with being a Vegetarian. I’ve had many, many meatless days over the last couple of months but I’ll admit that I have eaten some meat. I don’t miss meat when I don’t have it, though when it’s there I can’t seem to find a good reason not to eat it. That’s when I started thinking about being a Flexitarian. Flexitarians consume a mostly vegetarian diet, but on occasion eat lean (usually organic) meat. Flexitarians tend toward chicken and turkey, and of course seafood. They are not to be confused with Pescetarians, which are people who consume a vegetarian diet and also eat fish and seafood, but no meat. Of course true Vegetarians think that Flexitarians and Pescetarians are full of shit, and don’t recognize either lifestyle.

I’m still trying to figure out if not going hard into a Vegetarian lifestyle is a cop-out, or if it’s perfectly legitimate to choose a more moderate course. The reality is that I am a barbecuer and the thought of not being able to cook meat with fire once the weather gets better makes me a little sad. Veggie burgers and tofu on the grill are not exactly Hawaiian chicken burgers and ribs. The thought alone is almost blasphemous. Perhaps I can be meatless for 9 months a year and in the summer I can throw t-bones on the grill. That would mean giving up the perfect spring grilling weather or grilling tofu in a Cajun rub. Yikes.

The wife is a hardcore carnivore though she has been conducting very successful experiments with portabella burgers, veggie stews, and other meatless meals. If the experiments continue to go well then it may be an easier decision. Since food is such a large part of our lives, I’d love to hear what people think on this topic. Is this simply trendy nonsense, or is there merit in giving up the meat of our youths? Last night I mentioned this to my grandmother and she was having none of it. She basically said I lying to her and it was a ploy to get her to eat better. Who knew that Vegetarianism has its own conspiracy theories?