Nausea can plague any of us whether the drugs we take cause it, or just because we feel nauseas. When we are feeling this way eating is probably not high on our list of preferred activities, but eating the correct foods can actually help us feel better. Consider giving these foods a try the next time your stomach feels upset.

1- Try eating a small amount of apple through out the day. Apples are very rich in fiber, which can help you to cleanse some of the nausea-inducing chemicals, which may be contributing to your stomach feeling upset. Eating too much apple to quickly can make you feel worse, so spread the snack over the day.

2- Crackers and toast, which are high in starch content, can absorb stomach acid and calm down your nausea. Just like the apple, you can snack on them whenever you are not feeling well.

3- Ginger, which is available in many different forms, is well known to calm down an upset stomach. You can take ginger extract capsules, drink flat ginger ale or tea, and eat ginger snaps or candy to get its benefits.

4- Small sips of plain water will keep you hydrated and will prevent you from developing a headache when you are feeling nauseous. Start by drinking the water slowly, taking small sips to allow your body to absorb the fluid.

5- A lack of protein can actually make the nausea feel even worse. Eat a few nuts or some peanut butter (not if you have a nut allergy) to help boost your protein levels. Stay away from salted nuts and use dry roasted.

6- Grandma’s old time remedy, chicken soup, is slightly off the mark in this case. Chicken soup will probably be too fatty and heavy, but chicken broth (from the bouillon cubes) would be perfect to calm down the stomach.

7- Most sports drinks contain the electrolytes sodium and potassium that will help you maintain the proper electrolyte balance in your body. You do not have to be an athlete to experience the benefit, especially when your stomach is upset.

8- Nausea is often accompanied by dehydration, especially if you have been vomiting or have had diarrhea. Bananas, which are doctor recommended as a “starting” bland food after you have been off solid food for a time, will help to restore your potassium

9- Chewing on a sprig of mint, or drinking some mint tea often helps to calm the stomach.

These are simple remedies that you should try to use to help calm down an upset stomach.

Joel T Nowak, MA, MSW